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About Us

What is HUSD Profit?

HUSD profit is a crypto bot for trading HUSD. The bot delivers reliable signals by analyzing the charts, price action, and market sentiment using its proprietary algorithm.

The HUSD profit's algorithm works by predicting the future price movement of HUSD relative to another cryptocurrency like it. With the aid of Autotrader, new and experienced traders can take out positions using those predictions, close winning, and grow their HUSD holdings.

HUSD profit's algorithm is 99% accurate and so fast that it can take in market data, news reports and deliver a prediction in less than 0.01 seconds. This speed and accuracy can help traders earn big, and you can expect up to 1000% profit daily. Both the interface and Autotrader are easy to use and set up. They are great for beginner traders and experienced ones alike.

It only takes about 20 minutes to sign-up, verify, set up the Autotrader, and start using HUSD Profit consistently.


The HUSD Profit Team

HUSD profit was developed by Jeff Hanson, Michael Stokes, and five of their closest friends from college. After nearly wiping out their entire savings trying to cash in on Bitcoin, they were inspired to create their predictive software.

They didn't want new traders to go through what they did, so they started work on what would eventually become the HUSD profit predictive algorithm. It started as a fun side project, and they worked on it whenever they could, but eventually, it became all they did. After nearly two years of working on the project, they brought on new talent to help them push the project further.

They sought out computer scientists, traders, economists, statisticians, and other rare talents. It took five years of hard work before the program was ready for the Beta release, and another two years before it was ready for use. After making their fortunes with the program, they decided to release it to the public.

HUSD profit racked up local and international awards at launch and received positive reviews from experienced and new traders all over the globe.

HUSD Profit For You

Jeff Hanson, Michael Stokes, and most of the development team stayed on the HUSD Profit even after they made their fortunes. They made it a point to make the app free as part of their promise to help new traders and still update the app and algorithm.

Customer support is readily available for all traders should they need it. HUSD Profit is a good tool for beginner and experienced traders alike.